Do you have a hotel business? Or do you have a job?

If your hotel has more than 50% room nights or revenue booked via OTAs, you do not have a hotel business, YOU HAVE A JOB!

Having a job means: “Don’t forget to update your availability on OTA and make sure you are bookable all the time and the best rate suggested by the OTA or beating your competition rate :). And yeah, activate some special promotion on OTA to steal the market share from others. Well done, good job!”

Business is when you care about your hotel’s profitability. When you care about your time and money. When you care about supporting a local community (your employees, your partners, and even your tax authorities) and when you care about using your margin to be turned into a great guest experience.

Over the years we got very much comfortable. This comfort zone is keeping us safe and therefore, we lost the trust that we are able to sell it all by ourselves. We lost the ability to overtake the responsibility for selling and taking care of the hotel business. We let the OTAs be our ultimate sales channel. Building loyalty can be achieved only if we empower ourselves and start focusing on selling, selling, selling, and selling directly.

Stepping out of the comfort zone is for many of us very painful. Moving out of our comfort zone is moving us further, higher, and to better results. Profitability is what counts. This is what you deserve. And nothing less.


I toast to your revenue uplifting & hotel success!
Radka xo