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More Clients Wins

OUR HOTEL boost the direct sales by 51,5% and increased revenue by 88% by applying Radka's STRATEGIES and 3 core elements direct booking strategy

Even in the pandemic year, number of reservations requests increased by 100 %. We boosted the sales, number of direct bookings increased more than 50 %. Our average booking price via booking engine has grown up by 20 %. We applied dynamic pricing, revenue management tactics, changed the booking engine, added CRM and we started to work as team!
Adriana HurováDirector of Hotel Bankov, Slovakia
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Ahoi, I'am Radka

I was born to be a hotelier. And I became fully committed REVENUE STRATEGIST with a clear focus on demand generation, more direct bookings, and guest satisfaction. 

It is my honor to teach hoteliers around the globe how to apply the principles of dynamic pricing and revenue management. My intention is to transfer my proven know-how and knowledge into various powerful education conferences, programs and toolkits. I want you to claim what's rightfully yours. I want you to have a healthy share of direct bookings, to manage a property with optimized occupancy by winning the ideal guest. I want you to be come a prosperous hotel. Loved hotel and place to be.

My expertise is built on three core elements which are the ecosystem of your hotel's success. Every small or bigger hotel I have been working with as consultant has proven that combining technology & skills with mindset, meaning changing the way we think about revenue & pricing strategy as well as about guests and how we treat our team, can result in successfully managed hotels which guests fell in love with.  

Our Happy Clients

Online training Start winning more direct bookings Radka was held in pandemic, while our country was in full lockdown. No Guests, no hope in future. It was very difficult situation for us personally as well as for whole industry. Thanks to her, we learned how to properly restructure our current products and pricing policy. And how to prepare ourselves for reopening. How to attract our ideal clients and welcome loyal guests without cannibalising on the price and distribution. We appreciate her professional and positive approach.
Hotel Panorama, SlovakiaSimona Pagacova
Thank you very much for the whole Revenue Management training, for a lot of useful information and your professional and energetic approach. The training was very beneficial for me. Although I sometimes felt that there was enough new information, I am happy to confirm that in the next few days everything settled down, the ideas were sorted out and now the whole concept is clear to me. Everything fits together. Now is time to think conceptually and strategically about the future.
Zamek Ratmerice, Czech RepublicJulie Rihova

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