Ultimate online training program for hoteliers

around the globe

 helping you to unlock your revenue potential

  • Activate the full potential of your hotel simply by focusing on your clients instead of lowering your price or increasing commission on OTAs to gain more bookings.
  • Wake up your senses and start feeling the value you are offering.
  • Hit the market with a valuable offer which will bring you the clients you want.
  • Master your skills and know-how, and use the right technology to support you on your journey.
  • Acknowledge the power of optimizing a hotel product for your ideal customer.
  • Feel in love with your guests and your approach of making their stay unforgettable.
  • Watch the number of positive reviews growing and your guest satisfaction is making your team to be super proud of the job they do.
  • Enjoy the moment having more money to grow your business, to improve your services, to pay your staff better salary, to support the local community by paying less commission for your bookings.
  • Move from “doing a successful hotel” to “being a successful hotel” and start working as a team sharing the same values.

Our  5-weeks live online training program will guide you and support you in a new era of your hotel success while focusing on revamping your direct bookings strategy by using dynamic pricing & revenue management strategies. 

Using the powerful combination of your & your staff state-of-mind, technology and your sales, marketing & revenue skills will grow your hotel success exponentially.



Why don't you benefit from current market conditions? The market is ready for change. Get ready for travel recovery and adopt "new normal" booking behaviour. Expecting a client to change his shopping behavior is not going to happen just like this. The change must come from within.
What should happen next for us to take action and start making (please understand selling) business differently. We are the wone iniciate the change. Activate your team and revamp your direct booking strategy while using our proven process. Take the advantage of clients' willingness to adopt the change with such ease as we have right now.
Lockdowns and governmental obstacles have shown us that the first clients who are booking are the domestic clients. Loyal clients. And that they are prepared to book directly. Our clients are now connected to us rather than to OTAs and other 3rd partners.
Benefiting from mastering your direct booking strategy is a result of teamwork in your hotel. Direct booking strategy is dependent on our skills and technology. And we need to finetune our belief system to make it happen. We need your & your team new state-of-mind to achieve this goal.

Succesful hotel is:

  • using dynamic pricing, revenue tactics & direct booking strategy to increase profitability.
  • not dependent on the OTAs and 3rd party and does not pay high commission invoices.
  • capturing any contact coming from OTA and turning it into a direct booking.
  • building its own brand while benefiting from the guest loyalty & satisfaction.
  • monetizing online reviews and using their value for increasing the demand.
  • your team is a group of human beings making the guest super happy and wanting to come back soon.
  • earning money with ease and the team is proud to work for such a hotel.

This can be your hotel! 

3* property in countryside in Central Europe with 45 rooms only


2015 - 80% bookings via OTA
2019 - 08% bookings via OTA
2020 - 02% bookings via OTA
as of 2021 is this hotel a pure direct bookings property


100% revenue increased in first 27 months
Room Revenue increased by 36 % in first 12 months
In another 18 months hotel increased RevPAR by 72%.

During the online training you will learn how the hotel achieved. Our proven process on how to achieve more direct bookings is structured into 3 stages. Put your mind into and use our knowhow in your property.

I’m here to help you kickstart your direct booking strategy, help you to understand dynamic pricing & implement revenue management tactics in your property by using mind, skill and tool set.

Claim what is rightfully yours.

Your guests = your direct bookings. Do not allow anyone anymore to own your guests. You are the only one who can create a great stay experience. Let the OTA create a demand for you, but convert them to book directly. Embrace your limitless potential. Be the one using dynamic pricing, revenue tactics & direct bookings to grow your business and long-run financial prosperity. 


  • Future success of your hotel is not only in technology or in your skills. They alone will not fix it. They alone will not drive more direct bookings.
  • You can have the best booking engine, the perfect website or reputation tool but without a “how-to”, the technology will be just a nice-to-have-gadget in your property.
  • It is not about many blog posts focusing on “5 tips how to increase revenue” you have read or how many free webinars offered by the technology providers have you been attending. Your know-how will not fix it. Your skills need to be fully supported by the tools you use.
  • The change and willingness to win more direct bookings is coming from within. It is all about your belief system. It is about being confident to overtake the responsibility of your daily sales, marketing and revenue tasks.
  • We need online travel agencies to help us to be seen. And our job is to convert our future guests directly.

Now is the time! 

Own your customer. Own their contact. Own their satisfaction. It is you and your team who is making the guest happy. The success is yours. Period! Grab this.

Our live online training is focused on implementation of what you might be already know, but seeing the whole picture and understand the complete puzzle is the best what you can for your sustainable revenue growth & hotel success. 

This is why this live online course was created. To guide you how to implement it. Since 2010 I have been guiding hundreds hotels on their way to higher profit, smart occupancy and satisfied guests. You can be the next one winning more direct bookings, just follow me and trust in the process. 

More Clients Wins

OUR HOTEL boost the direct sales by 51,5% and increased revenue by 88% by applying Radka's STRATEGIES and 3 core elements direct booking strategy

Even in the pandemic year, number of reservations requests increased by 100 %. We boosted the sales, number of direct bookings increased more than 50 %. Our average booking price via booking engine has grown up by 20 %. We applied dynamic pricing, revenue management tactics, changed the booking engine, added CRM and we started to work as team!
Adriana HurováDirector of Hotel Bankov, Slovakia

Here’s what we’ll do together & content you will receive to level up your revenue

Start winning more direct bookings program is designed to be 5-weeks online training with live educational sessions and mentoring Q&A calls. It will allow you to boost your sales in general and in the long run to optimize your distribution market share from OTAs to direct business.

This program will introduce you to our 3 core elements  of proven systems on how to gain more direct bookings. We will use dynamic pricing & revenue management strategies & tactics. You will increase the number of bookings in a very short time, you will optimize your offers, you will fine tune your website, collect more positive reviews and focus on conversion rate. Simply optimize all your daily sales, marketing & revenue tasks to result in more direct bookings. 

core element 

is here to give you best tips that are proven to have an impact on your revenue increase. Implementing several tips will not cost you a penny and it is a quick fix. 

  1. You will get a digital toolkit with direct booking strategy and tips which are successfully working for our clients.
  2. You will get full insight knowledge of our proven direct booking strategy process.
  3. You will learn how to rethink your direct booking approach.
  4. You can immediately act. Some of our tips on how to start winning more direct bookings can be implemented without 0 costs.
core element 

is here to give you an overview of technology needed for your improved direct booking strategy. We will guide you to select the one supporting exactly your strategy. 

  1. You will learn now to turn OTA clients to direct clients using technology.
  2. You will audit your current technology while going through the checklist.
  3. You will be able to implement direct booking tips into your technology.
  4. In case you are not using suggested technology, our guidance will help you to choose the right one for your needs.
core element 

is here to help you shift your energy from pure money-making-machine to sustainable value creation and focus on your customer. Embrace  who you are, you want to be and who you want to serve. 

  1. You will audit your Mind Capacity Container by defining where your energy goes and from where your bookings are coming.
  2. You will receive a guidance on conducting team workshops focusing on your hotel value, ideal 5*client and your product & pricings.
  3. You will adopt a new art of acting while conducting your sales and marketing campaigns by using journaling tailor-made for hoteliers only.
Your Digital toolkit:
  • Sales & Marketing Plan Template
  • More Direct Bookings with clients’ tips and how-to
  • Direct Booking Strategy Checklist structured into 3 phases
  • Hotel as a Destination Bonus Ebook
  • How to gain newsletter subscriptions using Lead Magnet Ebook
  • Team Workshop Guides
  • Various Mindset-Skillset-Toolset Checklists
  • Journaling Prompts tailor-made for hoteliers
Private Client-Only Group

Connect with the other hoteliers of this program, surround yourself with successful industry colleagues, ask questions and get support in our private group. You'll meet ambitious friends, network with other experts, and see the inner workings of high 6 and 7 figure businesses.

In the training program, we will be working with 3 elements. Mindset - skillset and toolset. On the top, you will be given an opportunity to work with your team on the new strategy while conducting 5 team workshops focused on hotel & customer oriented mindset work.

Team Workshops

Your Team Workshops are an essential add-ons to learn how your team is positioning the hotel, your offerings and what they think about the guest. A hotel is just a place and without your team, there is no soul. You and your team need to share the same energy & focus while creating or reshaping your direct booking strategy together. Conduct 5 recommended workshops to align. 

  • SWOT analysis with energetic approach
  • My hotel offering value in packages & rate offers
  • My Ideal 5* client
  • My hotel review
  • Choosing the right colleague to the team
Online Course Game-Changer Bonus

My Ideal 5* Hotel Guest Visualization & Activation Hypnotherapy

Using all three core elements perfectly organized in online training modules will help you to activate your limitless revenue potential while serving your 5* clients which are aligned with your direct pricing strategy.
Radka Telyckova, More Direct Bookings, Hotels, Hoteliers, Hospitality,

Ahoi, I'am Radka

I was born to be a hotelier. And I became fully committed REVENUE STRATEGIST with a clear focus on demand generation, more direct bookings, and guest satisfaction. 

It is my honor to teach hoteliers around the globe how to apply the principles of dynamic pricing and revenue management. My intention is to transfer my proven know-how and knowledge into various powerful education conferences, programs and toolkits. I want you to claim what's rightfully yours. I want you to have a healthy share of direct bookings, to manage a property with optimized occupancy by winning the ideal guest. I want you to be come a prosperous hotel. Loved hotel and place to be.

My expertise is built on three core elements which are the ecosystem of your hotel's success. Every small or bigger hotel I have been working with as consultant has proven that combining technology & skills with mindset, meaning changing the way we think about revenue & pricing strategy as well as about guests and how we treat our team, can result in successfully managed hotels which guests fell in love with.  

Clients Testimonials

The positive influence of your trainings and implementation of your advices were already seen in two months time, and are growing each month since then.
We loved the way you held the trainings, to be more precise, that through conversation we became aware what is our hotel, who are our guests, what are the hotel's advantages and disadvantages, what we can do to improve and what are the steps to recognize the demand, attract the bookers and get better results.
One of the hotel's biggest problem was receiving reservations in a last minute. You really showed us the way how to change our thinking and instructed us with the models that can help us influence the guests to book earlier. Your approach helped us to achieve higher revenue in a very short time Thank you.
Hotel Trakoscan, CroatiaZejlka Veronka Horvat
"Moc Vám děkuji za celé školení Revenue managementu, za mnoho užitečných informací i Váš profesionální a energický přístup. Školení pro mě bylo velice přínosné. I když jsem měla občas během těch dvou dnů pocit, že je nových informací až dost, musím s radostí konstatovat, že za dalších pár dní si vše sedlo, myšlenky se utřídily a nyní je mi celý koncept jasný. Vše do sebe zapadlo. Kromě konkrétních informací a rad spatřuji ještě jeden důležitý přínos celého školení. Tím je příležitost se na chvíli oprostit od každodenní rutinní práce, zastavit se a zamyslet koncepčně a strategicky do budoucnosti."
Zamek Ratmerice, Czech RepublicJulie Rihova
"Online školenie a MasterClass Dynamická cenotvorba a Revenue Management s Radkou bolo pre náš hotel oživením v tejto neľahkej situácií, v ktorej sa hotelový sektor nachádza. Vďaka nej sme sa naučili, ako správne z hľadiska ceny nasmerovať našu doterajšiu politiku a riadenie hotela. Oceňujeme jej profesionálny a pozitívny prístup. Taktiež naša vďaka patrí aj ostatným dievčatám z Pomáhame hotelierom a Profitroom. Aj napriek tomu, že školenie skončilo, tak záujem o spoločnosti s ktorými dievčatá spolupracovali naďalej pretrváva. Myslím si, že práve toto ich prácu robí výnimočnou, a v našich očiach sú a budú vždy skrytými pomocníčkami pri dosiahnutí tých najlepších výsledkov nášho ubytovacieho zariadenia. "
Hotel Panorama, SlovakiaSimona Pagacova

Our Pricing Plans

5-weeks live online training program

Early Bookers
2797 €
Suitable for small & middle sized hotels & chains. Self-made hoteliers.
Live Training, Live Q&A Sessions, Digital Toolkit, Team Workshops & Recordings of the session available 30 days after the training.
Cashflow Plan
1597 €
Split the Early Bookers Pricing Plan payment into 2 parts.
Live Training, Live Q&A Sessions, Digital Toolkit, Team Workshops & Recordings of the session available 30 days after the training. First payment of 1597 € will be charge now, 2nd payment of 1597 € is due in 2 weeks.

Are you managing a hotel chain with more then 9 hotels or international hotel chain? Please contact me for tailor-made live training program for your sales, revenue & reception team. 

Let us change the hospitality world. TOGETHER.

And get everything in Start winning more direct bookings, our 5-weeks online training with live sessions & Q&A sessions. Your digital copy of the ebooks, checklists, workshops guides. The live sessions will be conducted in real-time and you may watch replay in case you will not be able to attend. You’ll get access to a private client-only group. This investment is a tiny fraction of my private 1:1 consulting and mentoring, and you won’t see this offer anywhere else.

If you are serious about more direct bookings growth of your hotel, then take the next step to unlock that growth by joining our hotel-life-changing program. 

It is all about you! 

Of course, we all want to make more money. To have higher revenue! Don't get yourself to be fooled by never-ending TO-DOs and check lists. 

Future success of your hotel is not only in technology or in your skills. They alone will not fix it. They alone will not drive more direct bookings. This can be achieved by pure focus on your guest while using the mind, skill and toolset. 

You can have the best booking engine, the perfect converting website or reputation tool but without a proper know-how on how-to and what to do, the technology will be just a nice-to-have-gadget in your property. 

It is not about many blog posts focusing on “how to increase hotel revenue” you have read or how many free webinars offered by the technology providers have you been attending. Your know-how itself will not fix it. Your skills need to be fully supported by the tools you use.

And now comes the AHA. The change and willingness to win more direct bookings is coming from within. It is all about your belief system.

It is about being confident to overtake the responsibility of your daily sales, marketing and revenue tasks. It is about your energy. The energy flows where the attention goes. 

We need online travel agencies to help us to be seen. We allow OTAs to sell rooms in our property. If they sell it, okay. Perfect and well done. But our entire focus will be direct business. Our job is to convert our future guests to book directly. 

You may be thinking about competition. They are the one cutting the pricing and you are forced to follow them. 

Well, think twice. It is not about them. It is about you. How do you value your product, how do you love your 5* customer and how do you price yourself. Don't sell yourself cheap, only because your competition is doing so. You never know why their pricing is so low! Acknowledge what they do, but focus on your clients. NEVER EVER on them. Period. 

As soon as you clearly define your UPS and what are you standing for, you will understand that your hotel is unique and the best choice for your ideal 5* guest. You have no competition.

For Your Love of Hospitality. You are committed to make a change! 

Attract the ideal customers and make them happy while choosing your hotel. They will pay you back with higher demand coming from other potential customers. Your higher demand will result in increased total hotel revenue. 

You’ll get access to all my advice, experience and teachings in a simple, easy-to-digest format. And I am fully committed to give you the best of me.

This investment is a tiny fraction of my mentoring & coaching rates, and you won’t see this offer anywhere else. If you are serious about gaining more direct bookings, then taking the next step to activate it is to start revamping your strategy.

Exclusive bonus

Bonus for you

Together, we are redefining the new standards for where the reservations are being booked in the hospitality industry, you're invited to join us.

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Be the first in your industry to implement this innovative approach that gives you a huge advantage. You want to implement this before your competitors do.

The sooner you add a direct booking strategy into your sales & marketing plan, the sooner you can start celebrate every single new booking received. Your clients are waiting for you to offer them the best package and stay in the hotel they love!

Online Traning RoadMap

  • You will learn how to attract the ideal 5* client
    Mindset orientation training sessions. Online reputation and value based pricing. You & Your team will conduct a various workshops.
  • Direct Booking Tactics to boost your sales
    Skillset oriented sessions focused on tips & implementation in your property. Fine tuning your strategy that suits exactly to your needs.
  • Revenue managment tactics
    Market segmentation, dynamic pricing, understanding your demand. Forecast. Yielding and rate structure session. We need channel manger & booking engine.

More Clients Feedbacks

Thanks for a great online training. I appreciate detailed focus on dynamic pricing and revenue strategies combined with real implementation in hotels' operations. Even though I already knew what revenue management is and what is all behind, I was inspired by "new way of thinking" about pricing and guest oriented approach. A very new aspect of market segmentation, which I previously distinguished differently, was very beneficial for me. I also appreciate a great group of hotels and their valuable experiences and guestions shared during the training
Hotel Casa Marcello, PragueVendula Gajova
We consider Radka to be an expert in the hotel industry. She monitors trends and technological developments, she can always advise with professional manner. She has already steered us in the right direction. Her non-traditional training style is very inspiring. Imagine a fun form of sharing the knowledge where none of the participants are bored .-)
Sivek Hotels, Prague Viliam Sivek, Jr.

Who is this programe for?

This online training program was designed for hoteliers who would like to:

  • start reconnecting with guests and gaining more direct bookings
  • cut the commission invoices for min. 25 %
  • won the customer and his marketing contacts
  • use 3rd party websites and OTAs as a place to be visible, but converting the clients directly;
  • engage with the clients during their stay and receiving positive reviews;
  • overtake a responsibility to hotels financial prosperity;
  • to allow a client to be in the center of your hotel;
  • rethink your entire focus to the guest;
  • work as a team on a new spirit in the hotel;

This program is for hoteliers around the globe who are owning or managing an independent property or a private domestic hotel chain. Boutique hotels, summer or winter resorts, all-inclusive-hotels or amazing places or genius loci properties. 

A perfect fit online program for self-made hoteliers and family-run properties (b&b, hostels, or pension) or small domestic chains. For hotels without dynamic pricing skills, revenue management skill and without Revenue Management system.

You’re ready and willing to take action and do the work - it only works if you DO the work.

Hoteliers who would like to benefit from this program are:

  • Seeking a new way how to move a hotel to the next level;
  • Highly and fully committed to their success;
  • Open minded and loves to learn;
  • Love to speak about their hotel, they perfect team and wonderful, returning and loyal clients;
  • Asking the questions, sharing the successes and results with other hotels;
  • Values investing in themselves and their team members;
  • Are self-driving and ready to adopt new ideas;

Who is this NOT for?

Please consider not taking action if:

  • If you believe that OTAs are the only source of the booking and all your time & energy is entirely focused on selling rooms there.
  • If you are blaming other people, things or circumstances for lack of success. This includes governmental restrictions or pandemic.
  • If you hate competition for killing the market by cutting down the pricing, but you do the same, simply by participating in the dumping pricing war.
  • If you are not willing to invest in your website, technology or your skills. You do not care about your hotel success.


How much is it costing you NOT to focus on direct bookings in your hotel? 

If you’re currently depending on the OTAs … you’re wasting the opportunity to build loyalty and own the customer. How long do you want to wait? How much is that worth? As the General Manager of your hotel, you know that acquisition costs of selling a room on OTA starts at 15 %, if not more, while direct booking can cost you a commission much lower. Some booking engine commission starts at 2 %. 

Okay, you may say: I have to pay for Google or other ads, an agency for website optimization, and a marketing expert to promote the property online. Well, you know, for sure that you are spending this money even getting the bookings from the OTAs. 

If you charge € 100 for one night stay, how many room nights do you need to make in order for this to be worthwhile to you? Okay, let us deduct your room costs to 20 % to hit break-even point. You just need to get 37 nights' booking to pay for this online training back. 

Based on my many years experience in implementing direct booking strategies, you will gain much more, not only direct bookings.. Much more if you're going to put your mind into it. Just imagine: Your brand, your guest loyalty, your hotel is now a trendy place... you name it! 

I will do my part, are you ready to do yours? 

Join me & other successful hoteliers NOW