Optimise Revenue 

this Holiday Season

by Revamping Your Direct Booking Strategy

..uncover how a winning combination of the optimal direct booking strategy, coupled with a mindset focused on success, can achieve results you never thought possible

With Radka, Revenue Strategist & YOUR Mentor | Early Adopter of Mindset Shift in Hospitality Industry | Author of online courses and Direct Bookings Ambassador

End the struggle to drive demand and increased bookings

Put an end to confusion around why your current direct booking strategy is not working for you. 

No more wasted time channeling your energy into sales exercises that fail to deliver. 

End the pain of receiving negative reviews.


Is the upcoming summer season typically your most profitable time of year? If so, you should be looking forward to healthy occupancy levels and revenues.
Are you ready for a busy summer with high occupancy? Market recovery is on the rise and it is now time to make the best of it.

  • Audit your current pricing structure and use our ‘Direct Booking Benefits at a Glance’ Exercise
  • Structure your strategy to ensure your pricing is the best in the market
  • Focus on generating repeat business with your existing customer base
  • Understand how to utilise guest reviews to drive bookings
  • Ensure no guest or website visitor is in any doubt as to the benefits of booking direct

Get ready for your Holiday Peak season.

I will guide you through this practical MINDSET exercise I have repeatedly used with my clients with great success

The optimal Direct Booking Strategy is not a one size fits all. It is unique to your hotel and I will guide you through the mind-skill-tools to uncover the winning strategy for your property. Take control and focus on what’s right for your hotel. Don't be distracted by your competitors. I will show you how to empower yourself through my winning toolkit for success.

  • Whether you are a general manager of an independent hotel, manage a hostel, own your own Bed and Breakfast, or are an AirBnB rental owner- a direct booking strategy is the ultimate way to drive bookings and optimal profit. Success lies in a direct booking strategy designed for growth with an unbeatable guest experience.
  • A smart direct booking strategy does not mean you should not work with OTA’s. Achieving a balance between third party bookings and those from your own website should be an integral part of your commercial strategy. The key is to use the OTA’s as a marketing tool to build awareness and drive traffic to your website - then, use the winning book direct tips and strategies shared in this course to convert that to a direct booking.
  • Guests are looking at us with completely different eyes. The last two years changed the way they search for travel and their booking behaviors. Guests now recognise value. And we have to do the same. Choose value over price and win your guests directly by building the relationship and connection.

This training is really unique and brand new in the hospitality. We will harness your energy, your passion, your commitment, to build a book direct strategy for success.

Here is how we will revamp
your direct booking strategy

using mindset

to gain more room revenue and start creating a longlasting profitability


(90 Minutes)

The focus here is on generating direct bookings and decreasing the reliance on OTAs. Together we will tap into your previous guests and uncover how you can drive increased revenue from those who have previously stayed with you.  I will show you how you can shorten the guest booking journey and drive demand. This will shift your understanding, shift your mindset and will create a 180 degree change in the way you can market yourself and attract the guests who are looking exactly for what you offer. 

You will gain clarity on the following points:

  1. Why your direct booking strategy is not working for you?
  2. How to price for high season while keeping your commission costs as low as possible.
  3. How to convert your potential guests to high value repeat bookers, and avoid the ‘hard sell‘.
  4. And more! 

This session will be a powerful foundation for all direct booking principles resulting in higher room revenue.


(65 Minutes + 20 Minutes Q&A) 

The focus here is on ensuring your guest is the heart of your business with a crystal-clear understanding of why they should book direct with you. You will learn how to communicate your book direct benefits in a new state-of-the-art way that leaves your guests without any doubt as to the value in booking direct. In addition, your front desk colleagues will understand how to best explain the benefits of booking direct and why it is best to book earlier. 

You will gain clarity on: 

  1. How to showcase to your guests the value in booking direct?
  2. How to motivate your guests to book direct?
  3. How is it possible that I already have a special pricing widget, but the results are not as impressive as I was hoping for?
  4. And more!

This session will help you to understand your value, and how to promote your direct booking benefits. Choose value over price without a fear of losing a potential guest.


(60 Minutes)

In this final session, we will together execute a practical step-by-step approach on how to monetize guest reviews and use these to increase demand. You will learn the best strategy to ask your previous guests for feedback and how this feedback can be used to increase demand. The result? Increased bookings and increased revenue!

You will gain a clarity on: 

  1. How to monetize guest reviews to increase demand.
  2. How to avoid getting negative reviews.
  3. How negative reviews can have a positive impact on your business.
  4. And more!

In this session we will activate the potential of your previous guests. Their experience of staying in your hotel will be used to build powerful marketing messages and drive additional bookings. You will discover the next steps to increase your revenue with a successful direct booking strategy. 

Today’s Guest Demands VALUE.

Uncover with me, how a well designed book direct strategy can build your brand and boost your value. 

Are you ready to shift your mindset and gain more direct bookings?

If you’re ready to revamp your direct booking strategy and increase your revenue without any investment in the technology.

Commit to a commercial strategy that builds your brand and allows you to own and manage the relationship with your guests.

Take control now and create a great guest experience.

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Remember, this training will bring you more than you can admit. The course fee is here to confirm your commitment and showcase how much you value (your & my) time and effort. It is about taking an action, not only to watch another free"how-to" webinar. Empower yourself and implement what you have learned. Click, click, just few amendments without massive investment and tadaaaa!  It is time to celebrate YOUR success.
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I was born to be a hotelier and my vision is to empower hoteliers and hospitality professionals around the globe to grow and optimise their revenue and be (even more) profitable. I am a passionate REVENUE STRATEGIST with a clear focus on demand generation, more direct bookings, and guest satisfaction. Since 2018 I started adding a powerful mindset concept to revenue strategies.

It is my privilege to teach and coach hoteliers and STR-owners how to apply the principles of dynamic pricing and revenue management for optimal results. I am committed to share my knowledge and expertise via various accessible educational platforms - conferences, online programs and toolkits. I want you to claim what's rightfully yours. I want you to have a healthy share of direct bookings, to manage a property where occupancy is optimized by attracting and converting the ideal guest. I want you to be a prosperous, successful, and much loved hotel - by guests and your employees. 

My Clients Feedback

Thanks for great online training. I appreciate the detailed focus on dynamic pricing and revenue strategies combined with how this would be implemented in the hotel operationally. Even though I already knew what revenue management is and what is behind it, I was inspired by "new way of thinking" about pricing and the guest oriented approach.The new approach to market segmentation was very helpful for me. I welcomed the chance to hear the valuable experiences of other hotels and their questions during the training.
Hotel Casa Marcello, PragueVendula Gajova
We consider Radka to be an expert in the hotel industry. She monitors trends and technological developments, and always gives professional advice. She has already steered us in the right direction. Her non-traditional training style is very inspiring. The lessons are fun and lively and none of the students were at all bored!
Sivek Hotels, Prague Viliam Sivek, Jr.
We saw the positive influence of your training and advice within two months and we have continued to grow. We loved your training style and how you helped us think about what our hotel have to offer, who are our guests, what are the hotel's advantages and disadvantages, what we can do to improve and what are the steps to recognize the demand, attract the bookers and get better results. One of the hotel's biggest problems was receiving last minute reservations. You really showed us how to change our thinking so we can influence the guest to book earlier. Your approach helped us to achieve higher revenue in a very short time. Thank you.
Hotel Trakoscan, CroatiaZejlka Veronika Horvat
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