Hi, My name is Radka TELYCKOVA

Empowering hoteliers and hospitality fellows to grow their revenue

& profitability 

Welcome to the world of REVENUE STRATEGY, DIRECT BOOKING, and MINDSET in the hospitality industry.

AHOI, I AM radka!

I am helping hotels and hospitality professionals, property owners to learn more about revenue management and to its strategies & tactics in their properties. My focus is on demand generation, implementation of direct bookings strategies, and guest satisfaction. I am combining all this with mindset.

My expertise is in several areas of hospitality sales, marketing, revenue management and online reputation. I am a speaker, author of several online courses and owner of a hotel consulting company. 

My way to revenue management

It was my family who gave me the opportunity to become a hotelier. Since the age of 9 my family has been running a mountain budget summer hiking & winter ski resort in the Czech Republic.

I was blessed to grow up my love for hospitality in InterContinental Hotels Group. After spending 12 years in this international hotel chain (and 2 years in a fine dining catering company), I switched from working in hotels to consulting hotels.

It is my pleasure to share my knowledge and technology know-how with mainly independent hotel chains, small, middle-sized independent properties and hotel owners in central and Eastern Europe. Before the pandemic, I was hosting a hospitality conference under dotcomhotel brand

My Programs

It is my honour to teach hoteliers around the globe how to apply the principles of dynamic pricing and revenue management. My intention is to transfer my proven know-how and knowledge into various powerful education programs and toolkits.

I want you to claim what's rightfully yours. I want you to have a healthy share of direct bookings, to manage a property with optimized occupancy by winning the ideal guest. Higher profitability can be achieved only with guest satisfaction.

My Strategy

My expertise is built on three core elements which need to synergistically cooperate. Every small or bigger hotel I have been working with as consultant has proven that combining technology & skills with mindset, meaning changing the way we think about revenue & pricing strategy as well as about guests and how we treat our team, can result in successfully managed hotels which guests fell in love with.

I was meant to become a hotelier, and I chose to be one. Adopting the valuable skills, using the right technology and shaping up state-of-mind in the hospitality industry is all that I truly love.